Experience the Future of School Management with SchoolNeo.

Our comprehensive solution simplifies the management of your educational institution while fostering better communication between educators, administrators, and parents.

Student Registration Made Easy

Simplify the enrollment process with our intuitive student registration module. Effortlessly manage student records and ensure a smooth transition for new entrants.

Timetable Management

Efficiently organize class schedules and assignments. Students, teachers, and parents can access the timetable to stay informed about class timings, subjects, and any schedule changes.

Seamless Parent Reports

Empower parents to be actively engaged in their child's education journey. Our system generates detailed reports on academic performance, attendance, and more, giving parents insights to support their child's growth.

Hassle-free Attendance Tracking

Digitize attendance taking and tracking. Teachers can mark attendance digitally, allowing parents to monitor their child's attendance in real time and receive notifications for absences.

Streamlined Exam Management

Revolutionize exam management. Teachers can create, schedule, and grade exams effortlessly, while students and parents can access schedules and results conveniently.

Informative Dashboard

Get a comprehensive overview of your school's performance through our interactive dashboard. Monitor attendance trends, exam results, and other key metrics to make informed decisions.

Parent Engagement at its Best

SchoolNeo isn't just for educators and administrators. We understand the vital role parents play in their child's education. That's why our system provides parents with secure access to their child's academic information, attendance, and progress reports.
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